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5642 US-31, Atmore, Alabama, United States 36502

Alabama is home to several popular auto salvage yards. The Atmore salvage yard is one such well-known auto yard. It is the home of several junk vehicles that are no longer in use. The yard purchases old and damaged vehicles from their owners. They disassemble the many parts of the car and then sell them further after recycling them. 90-day warranty

The Atmore salvage yard was established several years ago, it has since been a fixed service provider to the people of Atmore.


This wrecking yard is open to all those people interested in buying or selling junk vehicles. The store address is at 5642 US-31, Atmore, AL 36502, United States. Atmore is a part of a bigger town in Alabama, called Escambia. You can look them up on a map before planning a trip there.

The Atmore salvage yard opens every Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You can find out some more information about this wrecking yard by contacting them directly. They can be reached through their:

Services provided by the Atmore Salvage Yard

The auto salvage industry is one of the best ways to control all the pollution that can be caused by damaged vehicles, which are not disposed of properly. It helps in saving large amounts of metal; they are recycled and used properly for the use of other people.

Atmore Salvage yard is also in this league of stores which are important for our sustenance. We have listed below a compilation of all the services offered by their store:

  • They purchase all the damaged, destroyed, and totaled vehicles that are no longer of any use to people.
  • The customers also get a chance to sell away their scrap and get some money from it.
  • The purchased vehicles are disassembled and all their parts are taken out.
  • The things that can be recycled and rebuilt are dealt with like that and sold as second-hand vehicle parts.
  • The car accessories salvaged are also sold off or recycled.
  • Atmore salvage yard has a large inventory of parts that they sell to their customers. It can be viewed on their online inventory website.
  • It helps saving time for both the customer and store.
  • They also ship any parts that are ordered online b someone who lives far away.
  • You can also find a rare collection of old and vintage parts of foreign or domestic cars.
  • The parts of the cars that cannot be saved are called scrap metal. This scrap metal is sold or factories or car building garages, where is melted and forged into something new.

Customer Service

It is important for the wrecking yard to maintain good customer relations. Their staff is always ready to answer all salvage-related curiosities of their customers. You can leave a review for their services on their official social media or website pages. Their current customer review ratings stand at 3.5.

Parts We Carry:

Control armsTransmissionAlternatorEngineRadio
Computer modulesReservoirAirbagDriveshaftBrake parts
Steering (all parts)SensorsConsoleFog lampsCrankshaft
Door mirrorsTaillightIgnition switchMoldingsEngine block
HeadlightDoor handleWheelsHubcapA/C compressor
Coolant partFuse boxOil coolerSunvisorFender Skirt
Gas padelGas capCondensorCamshaftFuel pump


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