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Caterpillar Cat C7 Engine for Sale – Fully Tested Parts

Configurations: Inline 6, 4 strokes cycle
Fuel used: Diesel induced
Measurements of the engine: The cat c7 engine for sale is 1053 mm in length, 758 mm in width and 1032 mm in height.
Weight of the engine: 588 kg in dry weight.
Cooling system: Water pump using centrifugal force
Power of the engine: The maximum power of the caterpillar engine is 224 kW and the minimum power being 168 kw
Rating speed: Goes up to 2200 rpm
Stroke: 127 mm



SKU: 8FE4Q Category: Engine


Description of the Cat C7 Engine for Sale

We are the top seller of the Cat C7 engine for sale. There are different models for different kinds of commercial usage. The diesel-induced feature of the Caterpillar C7 engine for sale makes it affordable to maintain regularly. The level of emissions is low and in accordance with the standards. So, you do not have to worry about violating emission limits anywhere you drive. The power of the engine and torque capacity are also unbeatable if compared to other truck engines. Thus, to simply describe the Cat C7 engine for sale, it is one of the best and the most trusted.

Caterpillar engines are everywhere. The reliability equipped with the low operational cost of diesel makes for the perfect engine, which is the Caterpillar C7 engine for sale. Its vast utility makes it extremely popular. The Cat C7 engine for sale is used in almost any piece of equipment that requires a powerful engine, not just heavy-duty trucks, and tractors. Commercially, it can be used in forklifts, aircraft support, hydraulic power, mining, irrigation, pumps, and motors, making the list endless. They are also designed to regulate emission limits to a minimum and within the threshold. All this is fueled by the trust in the caterpillar engine for so many years.

Features of the Caterpillar C7 Engine for Sale

The cat c7 engine for sale is so sturdy that it can continue to give the best performance for many years. It is almost like a permanent investment for your truck or as a commercial engine for any equipment. The industrial applications of this engine are worth mentioning. Any equipment, be it a vehicle on land or on water or a machine, can be powered up by this engine. Such is the immense utility that the caterpillar engine holds. Even if it gives a great performance, it does not add a lot of weight, and without any extra parts, it weighs only about 588 kg.

Get reasonable prices for the Cat C7 engine for sale with us. You will also find other engines with amazing specs. This engine is an excellent choice if we look at the number of users who relied on it when it was first produced.

History of the cat C7 Engine for Sale

The production of this engine started in 2003 and continued for as long as 2009. In its earlier stage, it was used in medium-duty trucks. Gradually, the specifications became suitable for heavy-duty trucks. As soon as it entered the market, it was a huge hit in the industry. This caterpillar engine also gave a push to other truck engine brands to develop engines following this. It was originally designed to curtail the emissions from a diesel engines. The Caterpillar C7 engine for sale was also able to limit emissions to a certain level. This was another reason it became so popular as a truck engine. There were also many advanced versions developed based on this particular model of caterpillar engine.




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