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Caterpillar C15 Cat Engine for Sale – Fully Tested – Used and New

Brand: Caterpillar
Engine: C15
Condition: used
Displacement: 15.2 liters 927.6 cubic inches
Fuel: Diesel
Engine configuration: Inline 6 cylinders
Weight: 1469 kg
Horsepower: 595 HP
Torque: 2004 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm
Compression ratio: 0:1
Bore size: 4 in 137 mm
Stroke size: 8 in 171 mm
Bore Diameter: 5.4000-5.4020″ (137.160-137.210 MM)
Warranty: Up to 2 years

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Description of  Used C15 cat engine for sale

Are you searching for the fully tested and used caterpillar C15 CAT engine for sale? We are making offers on the best-selling c15 engine for sale that is fully tested and in used condition with no parts outperformed in addition; you will get this c15 crate engine with single turbo for 12 months of warranty. With the displacement of 15.2 liters and 928 cubic inches, this C15 caterpillar engine for sale has a potential power of 595 hp and the maximum torque is 2004 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm. C15 cat engine features a compression ratio of 18.0:1, the bore size of C15 is 5.4 in 137 mm and the stroke size is  6.8 in 171 mm. This engine has an inline 6-cylinder configuration with the diesel fuel type. The dimensions of the engine are 57.2 in length, 39.3 in width, and 49.7 in height, weighing 1469 kg. We have replaced all the non-functioning parts with the tested and updated parts. Place your order now on the best C15 crate engine at the best offer of $5,000 also you are getting the benefit of a warranty of up to 12 months.

Features of C15 cat engine for sale

Caterpillar Company is one of the prestigious companies which produce caterpillar engines dated around 1904, and till the date, Caterpillar has kept its name and authenticity. Cat engines are known for their reliability and versatility, before introducing the c15 cat engine the brand introduced multiple engines with excellent performance. C15 cat engines began production in the year 1999 and were produced till the year 2007; these engines were released after 3406E cat engines and have developed many significant changes on their way. C15 is lightly weighted as compared to previous cat engines; it is a single turbocharger and has a two-piece aluminum skirt piston.

The predecessor of the C15 engine was being complaint for much oil leakage, for this reason, it became crucial for the Caterpillar brand to come up with the upgraded model that could eliminate the issue of oil leakage, and that is why C15 engines are more focused on the improvement of the same. Another feature is relief slots were installed on the cylinder heads of C15 cat engines to prevent gaskets from getting crushed. Caterpillar C15 engine for sale has diesel fuel types with 15.2 l displacement and 928 cubic inches. The engine features an 18.0:1 compression ratio with the potential power of 595 hp and the maximum torque is 2004 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm.; the bore size of C15 is 5.4 in 137 mm and the stroke size is 6.8 in 171 mm. C15 engines were initially applied in more than 30 models few of them were harvesters earth-moving equipment, aircraft support, and many more.

History of C15 cat engine

In the recent era back in the 19th-century farmers had no developed technology that would bring them high output. During the end of the 1800s and the onset of the 1900s steam tractors were highly popular for agricultural growth, but these engines were unsuitable in some places as the heavily loaded tractors sank the earth’s soil. In 1904 Benjamin Holt modified tractors and added planks in front of tractors this movement of the tractors was like a caterpillar and this is how Caterpillar term was coined for engines, in 1925 Holt Manufacturing and C L best tractor joined hands to grow the business together.

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Common applications include heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, mining machinery, marine vessels, and power generation.

Yes, the C15 Cat engine complies with emissions regulations such as EPA standards and may require additional components or modifications for specific applications.


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