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Caterpillar C13 Cat Engine for Sale – Fully tested engine in the market by find auto parts online

Brand: Caterpillar
Condition: used
Type: Complete Assembly
Weight: one tonne
Fuel type: diesel
Liters: 12.5
Cubic inches: 763
Horsepower: 380-525
Serial no.: 6TS26817
Compression ratio: 17:1
Bore size: 5.2 inches
Stroke size: 6.18 inches
Maximum torque: 2004 lb-ft @1400 RPM

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Description of C13 Cat Engines for sale

Are you looking for a fully inspected C13 cat engine for sale? Then you are at the right place. The mentioned caterpillar C13 engine for sale is in good condition and an ACERT modeled 2011; the C13 engine for sale is a diesel-type engine with a single turbo. The serial number is 3546LGK33 and 763 cubic inches. With the horsepower ranging from 380 to 525, the C13 cat engine provides ultimate power to the appliances. C13 cat diesel engines are coupled with hydraulic valve controls. Additionally it is guaranteed for two years that won’t give you any complaint regarding the functioning of cat engine as it will work like butter with other truck parts and its components. We trust the caterpillar brand and the engine we are showing is one of the best processing cat engines, we trust the reliable truck parts that would be provide you more durability and you can operate it with ease.

Features of C13 cat engine for sale

C13 cat diesel engine is a lightweight truck engine that has been tracked as a reliable performer in truck parts. These C engine series were developed for highway use with heavy-duty applications; this is how c12 caterpillar engines were replaced by c13 cat engines which began getting available in October 2003. The advancement in the features of c13 engines has made it a reliable engine with good durability. The prominent part of c13 cat engines is its ACERT advancement technology; this is because ACERT technology has altered the pre-existing engines of the caterpillar.

ACERT technology provides significant systems in cat parts that consist of:

Air Management: this flexible air management quality is appreciable as it regularly keeps cleaning the functional chambers of the engine.

Fuel System: The fuel system works efficiently it is designed in such an order that follows the norms made by Environmental Protection Agency on October 1, 2002 that would reduce the emissions and supplement fuel the installed valve actuation also assists in maximization of fuel efficiency.

Electronic Control functions efficiently that increases the life of cat parts and components.

After Treatment removes all the remaining pollutants from exhaust system it is installed in heavy-duty engines to reduce particulate levels.

In addition, Caterpillar Company has designed the Design Pro, an online specking tool; this Design pro tool helps in analyzing driveline variables and cat parts such as powerful engine, the alignment of tires system and other components.

Further, c13 cat diesel engines have two standard turbochargers in this model two turbochargers are installed so that it reduces the stress on a single turbocharger would subsequently increase the durability of components also the emissions would get minimized. The head of the engine of the c13 cat engine has been altered to allow a compression brake.

Next, c13 engine has ADEM engine control module this potent feature contemporizes all components which in result enhance the engine life through proper maintenance. ADEM engine control module gives surplus advantage to c13 diesel engine operations. The regulation module synchronizes components based on their parameters for productive functioning. It encompass following parameters, regular check-up of fuel consumption, examining mileage and engine hours. ADEM module come up with some sort of liberty or the owners of this respective engines this is because it allows the owners to program on specific parameters which includes looking into functions of cooling fan, examining low idle RPM, idle shutdown timer, regular inspection on speed of the machine and engine, this advance model has cut the maintenance costs at much level that made it economic monetarily also.

One more praising feature of the c13 cat engine is better drivability as compared to other engines at the same horsepower range this quality assists efficient work process. Also, it provides an additional 800 pounds of payload to heavy-duty engines. Caterpillar c13 engines aim to provide the highest fuel economy with less possible nitrogen emissions.

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Specifications include a 12.5L displacement, horsepower ranging from 335 to 525 HP, torque from 1,350 to 1,750 lb-ft, and a weight of approximately 2,400 pounds.

Common applications include heavy-duty trucks, vocational trucks, buses, motorhomes, and various industrial equipment.

Consider factors such as power output, compatibility with your equipment, condition (new or used), maintenance history, pricing, and warranty options.


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