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Used ford f150 rims for sale

Wheel width: 7.5″
Manufacturer Part Number: JL34-1007-AB
Wheel Diameter: 18″
Other Part Number: 96058, 10169, 560-10169
Bolt Pattern: 6x135mm
Brand: Ford
Interchange Part Number: ALY10169U30
Warranty: No Warranty
Surface Finish: Charcoal Machined

SKU: S8L97 Category: Wheels/Rims


Features and Specification of Used ford f150 rims for sale

Ford is a well-known and trustworthy brand, its vehicles and products are always liked by users. Ford’s rims are also incredibly in demand. Ford’s 150 rims would enhance your vehicle’s performance. Ford’s 150 rims are available in every type of model and size.

Drivers and ford consumers are often searching for better performance of the vehicles, they mostly believe that the larger ford wheels enhance their vehicle’s execution. As ford is a trusted brand you can go for Used ford f150 rims for sale that will be budget-friendly and improve your truck’s enactment.

Many holders upgrade their vehicles with Ford 150 rims to improve roaming powers. For the pickups to make it’s more impending. First of all, if you are about to upgrade your vehicle with Used ford f150 rims for sale then you must check and locate the correct size and model of rims for your vehicle. If you have chosen appropriately the wheels and tires f-150 for your trucks then whatever type of path you can ride with your vehicle.

Here are some Used ford f150 rims for sale and their specifications as follows:

Fuel 20″×9″ Matte Black Krank wheel 2009, 2010, To 2021 f-150s. This one is black and very well appealing look it will give to your truck. It has an equal pressure proportion throughout the spin because of the 8-spoke design. The used ford 150 rims have an offset of 01 mm, Bolt pattern of 6×135.

The size of the wheel is 20″ ×9″. And has 6 lugs with 5.00 backpacking and finishing of matte black. You can buy a single wheel or set of 4, both are available. If you are going ford 150 rims for the model year 2010-2014, you can opt for tire size — 35×12.50-20. And if you have the model year 2017-2020 you can opt for the tire size of 325/60-20. 2009 is for the front suspension lift adjustment.

You must once consult, lift-manufacturer for the best-suited size of tires according to your vehicles and models.

For the next rims off-150, Motto Metal Gloss Black with Milled Accents “18×10” MO962 Wheel for the year 2009 to 2021. F-150s raptors of 2010 to 2020. This has an aggressive look and appearance for your f-150 pickup. The specification of this f-150 rims is it has a glossy black with milled accents finish types. This Used ford f150 rims for sale came with backspacing of 4.56, its hub bore is 87.1.

The Offset of this wheel is -24 mm, its weight rating is 2,500 lbs. This comes with a unique appearance having 3.5-inch lip emulated latches edging the outer side. It is made from cast aluminum. For the years 2009 to 2021, ford 150, would be the most fitted rims.


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Ans. The Used ford f-150/rims come with an aluminium wheel and it has a diameter of 18″ and width of 7.5″. Used f-150 has 6 lug holes and the pattern of the bolt is 135. Offset is 44 mm.

Ans. The Used f150 wheels have a range of 15″ to 22″ and it is made of an alloy as well as steel wheels. Before 2004, there were 5 or 10 spokes, and 15 to 17 diameter. Its finishing type is polished, sparkle silver classes chrome.

Ans. If you have 10″ wide rims then you can put 32″. Without removing the crash bars are 33″-34″.

Ans. Bring this problem into the company’s notice within 7 days and you will be provided with an address to which you need to send the goods at your expense. The refund will be provided once the goods reach the company.

Ans. The return policy specifies that if goods received to the customer are damaged then the customer will get the full refund if product cannot be replaced.

But if product is not damaged and customer wants refund, then he will have to bear 25% commission along with the shipping cost as well.


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