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2000 Ford Explorer Alternator

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Part: Alternator
Brand: Quality-Built
Condition: New/Used
Amperage Output: 95 Amp
Pulley Type: Serpentine
Number of Grooves: 6 Grooves
Quantity Sold: Sold individually
Warranty: Lifetime Quality-Built limited warranty
Anticipated Ship Out Time: 6-7 business days

SKU: V9BJT Category: Alternator


Ford Motor Company is also known as Ford is an American automobile manufacturing Company. It was incorporated in the year 1903 by Henry Ford. Its current headquarters are located in Michigan, Detroit. To this date, Ford production units have manufactured about 5.5 million vehicles. Each of these cars is comprised of several hundred individual parts. This article in particular deals with the 2000 Ford Explorer Alternator.

What are alternators?

Before we tell you anything about the 2000 Ford Explorer Alternator, it is important for you to know what exactly an alternator does.

Alternators are basically electrical generators, which charge the batteries of your car. The alternator is connected to the engine via the gears, so while you drive your car the alternator draws power from the engine and uses it to generate electricity.

It is the sole source of energy to make your batteries last, if the alternator stops working then your car’s battery would last only as long as its reserve. The alternator of your car helps in powering the following systems in your vehicle:

  • Headlight and Taillights
  • Headlamps
  • Power and charger outlets
  • The clock and alarm system
  • Radio system

2000 Ford Explorer Alternator

This Ford car comes with a gas-powered 4.0L engine, with V6 cylinders. It generates a horsepower of 160 HP@ 4200 rpm. The alternator of your car is closely connected with its engine. Based on the kind of engine in your 2000 Ford Explorer, Alternators can be of a few different kinds:

  • Revolving armature type alternators
  • Revolving field type alternators

However, the basic principles on which alternators work are the same. You can get them on any auto parts store, online, or in person.


If you want your 2000 Ford Explorer Alternator to last long, you should take care of it by following proper maintenance steps:

  • Check the diodes of your alternator at regular intervals.
  • If they are leaking any fluids, it is an indication to change them.
  • Make sure not to damage the alternator with over-speed or overvoltage.

If your alternator is not waterproof, you should be careful when driving over puddles or any water deep enough to damage it

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1 review for 2000 Ford Explorer Alternator

  1. Denver

    Perfect fit for my 2000 ford car. Good Packing

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