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Buy Aftermarket Spyder Headlights -LED, HID, Xenon

  • Upgrade your car or truck’s style and improve your nighttime visibility with a set of Spyder Headlights
  • Custom-designed for direct-fit replacement of factory headlights — no rewiring, soldering or splicing required (for most vehicles)
  • Easy to install – Plugs right into the existing wiring harness for a fast, clean installation
  • Housings are weather-sealed to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Available in numerous styles and lighting, ranging from projectors and CCFL Halo’s to LED Halo’s and LED DRL (depending on your vehicle)
SKU: 17771 Category: Head Lights


Aftermarket Spyder Headlights launched by the Spyder auto is one such reliant name as they are famous and known for their quality and durability that can be used in place of normal headlights without taking too much time from one’s end. It does not just include the usual LED but projected beaming bulbs and optics.

There are many imperative parts in a vehicle that helps it in functioning better and defines it, however, there are some parts that are not do not just improve the better but acts as a necessity. Parts without which working of any vehicle is not possible. One such part is headlights. Not only are headlights important for the appeal of the car but also because it is the sole reason from where any car gets the capability to drive in the dark and be able to see visibly and clearly during night time. Thus, considering the fact that headlight is such a significant part of the vehicle, it is important that one makes sure to only use the best brands for headlights so that not only can they get the best efficiency out of the headlight owing to its good quality but also last for a long time without getting damaged or outdated easily.

These headlights come with a direct installation bolt which does not require much work except just simple fitting that requires basics. It is a necessary requirement that a car has a productive and defining headlight that ensures maximum light, visibility, and clarity so that the process of driving can remain smooth and Aftermarket Spyder Headlights do exactly that.

Apart from quality, they also provide one with different kinds of headlights that the users can choose according to their preferences. From Halo lights, smoked lights, crystal lights, light bars, projectors lights and many more that has its own features and functions. The range of options provided by spyder headlights lets one to select the choice with a free mind without limiting their needs and expectations.

Considering the fact that the replacement is direct and easy, one need not go through strenuous bolting or major hassle which ends up taking their time and energy instead replacing these headlights with just the least amount of effort gets the work done and provides the car with a brand new look.

Spyder auto also ensures that the parts sold, in this case, the Aftermarket Spyder Headlights come with at least with one year of warranty that is relieving and convenient for the user as in case of any mishap or encounter with an issue, one does not need to dwell over the fact that the money is wasted and add up another burden which is surely taken care by the spyder auto or the manufacturers.

The provision of lights along with many types and the appealing visuals gives the vehicle an illuminating vibe that does not just look attractive and sharp but also ensures a high level of quality that almost all its customers are satisfied with.

As spyder auto themselves claim that they stand high for customer satisfaction thus all their parts and products are created and innovated in the most creative, effective and alluring way possible which does not just look appealing to the one using it but also those around. Any vehicle, especially one’s close to the owner’s heart deserves the best of the treatment, care, and parts and one can be assured that spyder headlights make and keeps the promise of not just ensuring protection with its visibility but also a quality that is undeniable and promising. The promise is kept so that the headlights and the features do not have to compromise with or overlooked.

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