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BMW E36 Headlights


Manufacturer Part Number BMW 6321716077797
OEM Part Number 63 21 7 160 777
Bulb Type Halogen
Mirror Lighting Type Automotive-exterior-fog-light-bulbs

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BMW E36 is a series of luxury hatchback car series launched in the year 1990. All the promotion is done under the tag of BMW itself. BMW E series was the third generation of hatchback executive car series continued up to 2000.


Not only these lights have a flawless fitting and edge-to-edge exact design but also the BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS are trendy and have cool looks. It weighs almost 7kg with both the headlights.


The BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS has a stress-free installation process. It is plug-and-play type. You are required to connect headlight wire with car wire nothing else as it comes preassembled. Included components are 2 headlights, 2 bulbs, and necessary adjustments (ballast may be included)


They provide superior performance and have a significantly longer life than normal bulbs. For instance cameras, lamps and headlights. It is monochrome. It has a UV lens that preserves the light and keeps it new. The headlights have a long life and operating time. BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS is a daytime running light that is skillful in working in thrilling weather conditions be it rain, snow, or fog. It is reliable in delivering superior performance in every condition. Visibility is amplified significantly.


The BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS is ISO certified. Warranty rests on the manufacturer. Some offer a 1-year warranty while some offer more than 1 year. One important point to be kept in mind is that you must refer to the company’s reliability before buying this product. Most companies are DOT or SAE certified.


The energy consumption of BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS is also very small than other lights. Though it is livelier than other lights it still consumes less energy than them. 35watt energy is used from the battery saving the electrical power and refining the performance.

NOTE: Ballast is obligatory to be mounted along with the light. You may obtain the ballast along with the light but it rests on a company to company. If you don’t obtain the ballast you may continue the old one or obtain a new one.


The BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS are livelier than additional lights by almost 3 times. It can do both low beam and high beam. It is suggested to practice high beam in fewer visibility areas like rainy or foggy areas or on highways and use low beam inside the city. It delivers a good volume of visibility at night time also.


The BMW E36 HEADLIGHTS is waterproof and dustproof. Most headlights have difficulty fogging up during the fog or rainy season, but not this one. It lasts longer than other lights and accessories like frame, bulb, electrodes, and tungsten are pretty strong.

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Ans. No you don’t need to purchase anything extra, all components like screws, lights, bulbs are included in the package itself. Just keep check of ballast whether it is included or not, rest all is included. Some companies provide ballast along with the package while some do not, in that case you may use the old one or purchase a new one separately.

Ans. This product is quite durable and strong. You won’t find any problem using the product. Materials used are of great quality. They are pretty long lasting, as they are ISO certified, all the basic and standard procedures and requirements are followed and obliged to.

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