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BMW B58 Engine for Sale

(2 reviews)

Horsepower: 320 to 382
Displacement: 3.0 L
Weight: 450-550 Pounds
Torque: 369 lb.-ft
Condition: Fairly used, used


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Used BMW B58 Engine for Sale

The B58 Crate Engine is a part of the German automobile giant, BMW’s modular family of engines. Introduced in 2015 with the F30 340i, this engine is the successor of the N55 engine, combining exhilarating performance with remarkable efficiency. This BMW B58 Engine for sale at Find Auto Parts Online earned its place in Ward’s World’s 10 Best Engines four times (2016, 2017, 2019, 2020).

Applications of B58 Crate Engine

  • BMW 340i: This is applied on the 340i coupe/ sedan; it delivers adequate power and speed with a sharp and sensitive ‘sport’ steering setup. Also, it is favored for the segment of the compact luxury sedan car with an entrance which stresses on the performance.
  • BMW 540i: In the BMW 5 Series, the B58 engine in the 540i is good for reasonable power and largely addresses the issue of the. From the acceleration and especially from the passing performance it has very good figures and that places it in a very good position for everyday use and even some touring.
  • BMW 740i: Not only did the full-sized BMW 7 Series become even more diversified, but also the B58 motor that powers the 740i sedan and even more because of its performance and luxurious facilities. This returns sufficient power for highway passing and cruising comfortably in the city making it appealing for those who are in search of luxury and elegance.
  • BMW X3 M40i and X4 M40i: These SAVs that are focused on performance are equipped with an ‘’B58’’ engine which results in an astonishing acceleration and steering process. Some of them also have high ground clearance that is used in conducting off-road stunts to their stylish design which makes them ideal for those people who require convenience and the feel of the sport.
  • BMW Z4 M40i: In the BMW Z4 sports car, lovers of the inline six B58 will be joyful because the engine energetically parades in the roadster. Its throttle response is good and timely and the handling is responsive and crisp, making every time you are behind the wheel of the Cooper S a joy ride in the true sense of the term, the sense of open-top driving. 

Features of B58 Crate Engine

  • TwinPower Turbocharging: The B58 engine’s TwinPower Turbocharging system optimizes power output and torque delivery throughout the whole RPM range. The twin-scroll turbochargers and sophisticated exhaust manifold design ensure that the B58 engine offers rapid throttle response and continuous acceleration.
  • High Precision Injection: The B58 engine maximizes performance and efficiency by optimizing fuel delivery with High Precision Injection technology. The B58 engine achieves maximum combustion efficiency, which lowers pollutants and improves fuel economy, by carefully regulating the time and amount of fuel injection. This cutting-edge technology supports BMW’s commitment to sustainability by minimizing environmental effects while simultaneously improving performance.
  • VALVETRONIC Variable Valve Control: The VALVETRONIC variable valve management technology built into the B58 engine optimizes engine airflow and combustion efficiency in real-time. VALVETRONIC optimizes engine performance in all driving circumstances by continually changing the intake valve lift. Whether cruising down the highway or pushing the limits on the track, the B58 engine adapts flawlessly to provide the ideal combination of power and efficiency.
  • Auto Start-Stop Function: The Auto Start-Stop function improves fuel efficiency by automatically turning off the engine while it is idle. When you hit the accelerator, the engine restarts flawlessly, whether you’re at a stoplight or stuck in traffic. This enables a smooth operation with little fuel usage. This clever technology minimizes emissions and saves fuel, making for a more sustainable driving experience.
  • EfficientDynamics: The strategy that is inculcated into the B58 engine falls under BMW’s EfficientDynamics which aims at achieving optimal efficiency in each aspect of vehicle operation. Their fuel economy is optimized without compromising power output in engineering and even bodywork, from the vehicle shape, and brackets to the type of material used in construction. Car riding becomes more enjoyable and environmentally acceptable when EfficiencyDynamics makes certain that every gasoline drop yields the optimum value.
  • Sustainable Driving: Environmental concerns are met as sustainable materials are applied in automobiles that employ the B58 engine and minimal emissions are allowed. Today BMW also cares about the environment; to prove that they even recycle various materials in car production and also have a low percentage of CO2 emissions. Since there are different engine options for BMW cars, drivers can decide to take a BMW with the B58 engine type to drive without experiencing any feeling of guilt. In the process, even performance is not compromised by BMW while it strives for sustainability.

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find the b58 engine for sale at the perfect price. This engine is said to be BMW’s representation of the pinnacle of their engineering prowess. This BMW B58 Engine for sale with its focus on delivering a thrilling driving experience is perfect for those looking for a balance of performance, refinement, and versatility.

Myth Busters

  • Myth: This engine is known to be extremely unreliable, and the B58 is no exception to this rule.
    Reality: Across the models aforementioned, the BMW B58 engine has mostly been a stellar performer where maintenance is a factor taken into consideration. As with most other forms of mechanical systems, the stand requires frequent maintenance to maximize its use and durability. So, the B58 engine’s longevity of operation without many issues is achievable if it is serviced and maintained regularly.
  • Myth: Also, they noted that the car was powered by the B58 engine which is associated with the problem of turbo lag.
    Reality: Of course, the engines fitted with the turbocharger do have the turbo lag problem, but BMW has managed to optimize the B58 engine to reduce this problem as much as possible. Thanks to features such as twin-scroll turbocharging and/lean engine control technologies, the B58 engine has almost no turbo delay and offers quick boost and torque in all the rev ranges.
  • Myth: Some of the complaints regarding the B58 engine are that it is not fuel-efficient.
    Reality: Still, the B58 engine is not far from conservative fuel efficiency if not managed aggressively on the roads. An important area that BMW has invested in is the efficiency driving technologies including direct fuel injection, fully variable valve control, and efficient
  • combustion technologies that enable high fuel economy while at the same time providing optimal driving dynamics.
    Myth: This is a model that has a very high cost of maintenance, especially the B58 engine.
    Reality: Although the costs of maintaining BMW vehicles are sometimes distinguished in size from other brands, the B58 engine maintenance expenses are quite reasonable, which is comparable to other modern turbocharged car engines. By rarely calling on the services of an independent mechanic, and by replacing every faulty part with a genuine BMW part, the costs of maintaining a car for those who embark on such a project are kept reasonably low for the entire lifetime of the car.
  • Myth: No, the B58 engine is not tunable, as it has a set power output determined by BMW designers.
    Reality: The B58 engine currently enjoys vibrant aftermarket support with numerous performance upgrade platforms to increase horsepower and torque. Many owners already choose to remap their B58 with extra control over individual throttle bodies, to extreme bolt-on adjustments like intakes and exhausts. However, it is recommended that tuners be chosen from well-known companies and that only high-quality parts are used as the modification will affect the reliability and horsepower of the vehicle.

Additional information

Long block

Aluminum alloy



Valve train


Piston stroke

94.6 mm

Cylinder bore

82.0 mm

Compression ratio




Fuel System

Direct fuel injection system


2015 BMW B58 Engine

2 reviews for BMW B58 Engine for Sale

  1. David Martinez

    I recently bought a BMW B58 engine from Find Auto Parts Online, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The engine was well-packaged and arrived without any issues. The quality of the engine exceeded my expectations, and my car’s performance has never been better. The customer service team was very helpful and answered all my queries. I highly recommend this site for anyone looking for reliable auto parts.

  2. Marcel Campbell

    Purchasing a BMW B58 engine from Find Auto Parts Online was a fantastic experience. The engine arrived on schedule and was in perfect condition. The detailed descriptions and support from the team made me confident in my purchase. My vehicle’s performance has drastically improved since the installation. I highly recommend Find Auto Parts Online for anyone in need of quality auto parts.

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Product Q&A

Availability of BMW B58 Engine for sale?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find the b58 engine for sale at the perfect price. This engine is said to be BMW’s representation of the pinnacle of their engineering prowess. This BMW B58 Engine for sale with its focus on delivering a thrilling driving experience is perfect for those looking for a balance of performance, refinement, and versatility.

What is the price of the B58 Crate engine?

Here at Find Auto Parts Online, you can find the b58 engine for sale at the perfect price. Please call or Contact us here.

What maintenance should the BMW B58 engine go through?

An upkeep program of the BMW B58 engine encourages periodic oil changes, and examinations of fluid levels, belts, and filters. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, it is necessary to strictly follow the maintenance schedule to ensure that the engine is thoroughly healthy and efficient.

Can the BMW B58 engine be tuned for more power?

Yes, the BMW B58 engine has a strong aftermarket tuning community, with various performance upgrades available to increase power and torque output. However, it's essential to choose reputable tuners and quality parts to ensure reliability and longevity.
BMW B58 Engine for Sale
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