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B18c Engine for Sale

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B18C Engine Specs:

Production started 1995
Material used– aluminum
Fuel injection– direct
Engine– 1.8L Engine
DOHC– dual overhead cam engine
Rpm: 8000 rpm
Rev-Limit: 8200
Power: 132.5 kW (180 PS; 178 bhp) @ 7200 rpm & 126 lb⋅ft (171 N⋅m) @ 6200 rpm

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B18c engine for sale is a part of a honda company car engine and they are Introduced in 1988. Honda is one of the most preferred brands in the automotive sector when it comes to purchasing a vehicle or an auto part. Moreover, there are many improvements made by the company over time. It is one of the most powerful engines manufactured by the company. There are 2 series- B and D. Both the variants are powerful and very efficient in performance. They have a 1.8L displacement and are compatible with a number of vehicles.

Specification of B18c engine for sale

The B18C engine is compatible with 1998 Acura Integra Type R and 1996 Acura Integra GSR.

The engine has a Displacement of 1.8 L or 109.7 cubic inches.

The b18c engine for sale has a compression ratio of 10.6:1 and Bore of 81mm or 3.19 inch and a Stroke of 87.2 mm or 3.43 in.

It is a VTEC Engine which is a special system manufactured by the company- honda which increases the efficiency of the engine overall. The 4 stroke engine gives higher RPM and consumes less fuel thus the efficiency is automatically improved.

The engine is known for its durability and efficiency. Though there are different engines and it’s variants but this model is the most preferred and trustworthy. Also, it has an advanced direct fuel injection system.

The Honda B18c engine for sale produces about 200 horsepower with an LSD differential. This differential allows 2 different shafts to rotate at different speeds. This way you can get maximum power on road without much difference.

The powerful engine has a 132.5 kW power @ 7200 rpm and offers great mileage also.

The rpm you get in the engine is ranging around 6000. At first, this engine was introduced in the 1996 Honda Integra GSR. Further on the engine was put in 1998 Acura Integra. The horsepower was the same ranging around 200 but it was lesser than 200 almost 180.

This engine was very popular and was used in many vehicles introduced by honda during the period 1995 to 2001. Apart from the 2 models of Integra, the engine was also used in the honda civic cars.

Parts that are generally provided by the company are the engine itself, transmission, intake exhaust, injector, and fuel rail.

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2 reviews for B18c Engine for Sale

  1. Davis

    Thank you very much for your assistance; the part arrived exactly when your team predicted. Now everything appears to be in order. Yes, I will tell my friends and relatives about your services. I appreciate it. And B18c engine for sale product was delivered perfectly.

  2. Aaron Smith

    If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable b18c engine. Then You are on the right place you’ll find the best b18c engine. I bought this 2 months ago and its working quite good. I was not expecting aftermarket Honda engine will give this response but its working fine.

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