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AMC 360 V8 Engine for sale

Bore x Stroke 4.08″ x 3.44″
Displacement 360(5.89L)
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Horsepower (gross) 245@4400
Torque (gross) 365@2600
Main Bearings 5
Valve Configuration OHV
Fuel 2bbl

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The AMC was acquired in 1979, by a competitor car brand called Chrysler. It was the biggest corporate merger in the history of the United States. The very last engine produced by them was the AMC 360 V8 engine.

American Motors Company popularly known as AMC was an automobile manufacturing company based in America. It was founded in the year 1954 in Michigan, United States. The company was known for making engines and other parts for a lot of different car brands until it was taken over.

About the engine

Before becoming completely defunct, this was the last engine made by the American Motors Company. Even after the takeover, Chrysler kept the AMC 360 V8 engine for sale up until the year, 1991.

The 360 V8 was a part of the V8 series engines, which consisted of three generations of engines. This particular engine had very high ratings, owing to its great performance. It was used in a few different models, from 1970 to 1987. The engine was launched in the Jeep J series trucks.


The original AMC 360 V8 engine was loaded with several amazing features, which made it into such a reliable engine. If you are interested in revamping your vehicle with a 360, you should read up on its list of features provided below:

  • The AMC 360 is an overhead valve design engine, with two valves.
  • It has a body made up of solid cast iron blocks along with an aluminium cylinder head.
  • It contains 5 main bearings and hydraulic lifters.
  • The engine also has a horsepower of 245@4400.
  • It gross torque is 365@2600.
  • It has a compression ratio of 8.5:1.
  • The engine’s fuel displacement is 360(5.89L).
  • An engine such as this requires a regular oil change after every 2500-3000miles, or when you start to notice the oil changing into a darker color.
  • It has been used in a few different cars such as, Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Jeep J-series Trucks, Jeep Wagoneer models and ultimately the Bricklin SV-1 car

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[faq]Q 1. Is the AMC 360 V8 a good engine?|=|Ans. The 360 engine was used by Jeep for over 20 years, which is proof enough of its reliability. An engine with a life that long is indeed great.|SEP|Q 2. Has this engine ever been installed in a sports car?|=|Ans. The 360 has only ever been installed one sports car – the Bricklin SV-1 car, at the very end of its run.|SEP|Q 3. How much would this engine cost me in the current times?|=|Ans. An engine which had a great run and has stopped production now would be a little expensive, depending on its upkeep. You might be able get a used AMC 360 V8 engine for a little over $3000. It also depends a great deal on the seller.|SEP|Q 4. How much oil would be required by this engine, if I attempt to change it myself?|=|Ans. It is advisable to use 4 to 5 quarts of oil in a 360 V8, for any further specific reference you should refer to the user manual.|SEP|Q 5. What is the average lifespan of a V8 engine generally?|=|Ans. The expected lifespans of an engine such as this, could be anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 miles depending on the kind of maintenance it has been subjected to.[/faq]


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