Toyota mr2 Spyder Headlights

Brand Spyder Auto
Model 5030108
Item Weight 21.4 pounds
Item model number 5030108
Exterior Machined
Manufacturer Part Number 5030108
OEM Part Number FO2503287
ABPA Partslink Number FO2503287
Bulb Type LED

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SPYDER AUTO which was started in 2006 is one of the chief aftermarket suppliers of automotive parts in the United States. They provide a very fresh and unique design of headlights that deliver ample illumination to your car as a headlight is one of the most essential parts of vehicles.

It concentrates on all types of automotive headlights like, led tail lights, fog lights, projector headlights and crystal headlights. It also has a digital presence on various social platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube where they unite with people and assist them in solving their queries.


TOYOTA MR2 is a 2 seater sports car introduces in 1984 and continued till 2007. It was manufactured by central motors and marketed under the name of Toyota motors.


The TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER HEADLIGHT is a projector headlight that provides ample lighting to our vehicle and alongside enriches the external appearance of your vehicle. Creators of this headlight are ISO certified and they satisfy all the usual requirements which are obligatory.

The signature series of TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER HEADLIGHT supports both high beam and low beam. 3 categories are: LEDs, light bars and ccfl halo. In LEDs and ccfl halos there are 3 variants: black, smoke and chrome. It offers an elite advancement over typical factory lights.

The TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER HEADLIGHT is a halogen model headlight so it is not attuned with HID bulbs. Making it work with HID bulbs will disrupt the warranty of the item. Also, it does not need a CCFL inverter.

The TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER HEADLIGHTS is an extraordinary superior headlight whose fit and set up is not an issue because it is delivered preassembled and you just need to do some simple wiring, it provides both an exceptional and popular style with amplified reflectivity, be it in any season or condition. The projector headlights are produced using fine-quality German parts.


1.) Surface: The appearance is very striking of this light and when it is fit on the vehicle it further increases to the gorgeousness of the vehicle. They give you full worth for your spending by refining the gaze of your car.

2.) Worth of money spent: These headlights are prepared from German accessories so the question of toughness doesn’t arise. These are long-lasting and sturdy.

3.) Setting up: This may look a bit difficult in the instance of other headlights but not in these spyder lights. They come preassembled and you must do some modest splicing and assembling of wires to fix it.

4.) Climate situation: these headlights deliver you alike visibility in every climate, be it monsoon or summer sunlight. Proficiency is higher. Whether low beam or high beam, reflectivity is brilliant.

5.) Shades and variations: these headlights are obtainable in variations like black, smoke, chrome. These shades can merge into your car color and the combination will surely enrich the complete looks providing you comprehensive clarity.

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Q 1. Does this support low beam?

Ans. This supports both high beam and low beam. You can use high beam on highways and low visibility areas and use low beam inside city.

Q 2. What all is included in the package?

Ans. 2 headlights with necessary screws and adjustments are included. It comes preassembled so no need to purchase anything extra.

Q 3. Can 1 extra light be installed on each side?

Ans. No you are not advised to install anything extra along with the headlight. Doing so will void the warranty.


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