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BMW e46 Xenon Headlights

SKU: BT1QL Category: Head Lights


 XENON is a colorless, odorless gas that acts as a light-emitting source. It produces a glow at its discharge. For example cameras, lamps and headlights.

The new xenon headlights are way powerful than your normal factory lights. It supports both low beam and high beam and has a UV lens that protects the light and keeps it new.

  • BMW E46 XENON HEADLIGHTS uses a 35-watt power supply which is strong and reliable. The headlights come with a 2-year warranty
  • You get all the necessary adjustments and equipment inside the package so you may complete the installation process yourself or you may get it done from a professional.
  • BMW E46 XENON HEADLIGHTS spreads light over a large and wider distance so the visibility is drastically improved on the road.
  • It is safer because when there is power or battery failure the light automatically stops its operation.

BMW E46 XENON HEADLIGHTS light can be used for daily commuting as it is a daytime running light as well as a night vision light also. It provides a good amount of visibility at night time also.


1.) Fitment and install

The xenon lights have an easy fitting system. You just need to join the wires of light with that of the car and start using. The light comes preassembled, there is no complex wiring required. The headlight though is designed for precise fitment.

2.) Long-lasting and durable

The lens of light is UV protected so it prevents damage, improves performance, illuminates more light, and spreads a long distance. It supports both low beam and high beam. These lights are pretty long-lasting and durable.

3.) Brightness and illumination

It is just 35watt and produces almost 3000 lumens of light. Also, it travels wider and longer distances than the normal halogen lights. The low beam and high beam can be adjusted by us. These lights always provide adequate lighting to you.

4.) Battery consumption

these xenon lights consume less power than the halogens and at the same time last longer than them. According to average data the xenon lights have a life of about 3200 hrs and halogens have an average life of about 800 hrs.

5.) Headlight quality

The material used in the electrode and outer tube is quite strong and sturdy. It is long-lasting and shock-resistant also. They have the capability of surviving extreme weather conditions and they do their job every time.


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