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Bmw z3 Spyder Headlights


Additional Information:  Guaranteed Fitments:
Brand: Spyder Auto
Color: Multicolor
Manufacturer: Spyder Auto
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 24.00 x 19.60 x 10.40 Inches

SKU: BOTF2 Category: Head Lights



BMW Z series is a sports car series started in 1995. Its first car was introduced in North America and it came to the limelight when it was used in James bond movie- goldeneye. It was continued till 2002.


BMW Z3 SPYDER HEADLIGHT is an LED projector headlight made available in 3 colors- black, chrome, and smoke. It is designed beautifully edge to edge and is ISO certified therefore all the quality standards are met while manufacturing.

The signature series of BMW Z3 SPYDER HEADLIGHT supports both high beam and low beam and is way brighter than the normal headlights. At the same time battery consumption is also very less as compared to other lights.

The design and looks are pretty good of this headlight and simultaneously the BMW Z3 SPYDER HEADLIGHT is very durable and sturdy as it is manufactured using German parts and accessories and has a triple layer paint on its surface to protect it from rusting and damaging.

The wiring part of BMW Z3 SPYDER HEADLIGHT is not that difficult as this light already comes preassembled and you need to do simple wiring for installation.


  1.  Brightness and lighting: These lights always provide adequate lighting to you as well as other drivers on road. Be it any climatic condition rain, snow, or fog these lights do their job every time.
  2. Frame and body: The frame of this headlight has been prepared using great quality German parts and also triple-layer paint is applied on it and at the same time, there is no compromise on its looks and cool style.
  3.  Installation: The headlight though is designed for precise fitment and it is designed to edge for installation and comes already preassembled but you would be required to connect the wires of the car with the headlight. The process is simple but you may prefer taking professional help.
  4.  Color variants: The headlight is available in 3 variants namely black, smoked, and chrome. All the 3 colors look dope, it depends on the vehicle’s color and your preference of course.
  5. Heavy-duty: These lights are pretty long-lasting, sturdy, and durable as they have the capability of surviving extreme weather conditions and the body is also quite strong.


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