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3406E 2ws Cat Engine for Sale – Fully Tested Truck Parts

Type of engine: 6 cylinder turbo enhanced engine
Fuel compatible with it: Uses diesel as its fuel to run the vehicle
Make of the engine: Caterpillar
Stroke: About 6.500 inches
Torque: Reaches the range of 180 lbs to 200 lbs
Firing order: The order of firing rate is 1-5-3-6-2-4
Cubic displacement: 893 inches
Bore diameter: From 5.400 to 5.402 inches
Horsepower: Up to 550 hp
Weight: 4230 kg


SKU: 2W6LC Category: Engine


Description of the 3406E 2WS Cat Engine for Sale

The 2ws cat engine for sale is suitable for tackling medium loads and not too heavy-duty. Along with trucks, it can be used for yachts and ships. The 3406e 2WS Cat engine for sale was produced in the years 1999 to 2000. Just like the other Cat engines, this one also has 6 cylinders. Another similarity with the other cat engines is the diesel-induced engine. Then the torque-to-horsepower range is something that Cat specializes in. The extreme horsepower of a wide range of trucks is the perfect feature to look out for.

Another one of the great engines of Caterpillar engines is the 2Ws cat engine for sale. Following the intense capabilities of the 3306, the 2WS Cat engine boasts impressive specifications and configuration. As we know that cat engines are experts in fuel efficiency and utilizing minimum fuel for maximum output, and the 3406e 2ws cat engine for sale follows just that. Most truck owners in the US trust this series of engines. Once you use the 2ws cat engine, you will understand the difference from the other engines. Knowing the specifications and features will make it easier for you to make a decision about owning the cat engine.

Features of the 3406e 2WS Cat Engine

Just like in the trucks, the 2WS Cat engine for sale does not compromise the engine specifications. So, it has a 6 cylinders turbo engine. In comparison to vessel engines, the 3406e 2Ws cat engine for sale has high horsepower.

In water, the ship needs a proper cooling system for the engine and the transmission. In order to take care of that, the cooling mechanism is such an illustrative setup to act efficiently. There is also an exhaust mechanism to take care of the ship. The filter prevents corrosion of the engine body with its protective coating.

History of the 3406e 2WS Cat Engine

The cat 3406e production was started since the year 1993. The version before this was the 3406C. Some are of the opinion that “d” was not used because they do not want people to associate it with something else. The 3406e 2WS Cat engine for sale is one of the advanced versions of the 3406e. Before the 2WS, the 1 mm, 1 LW, and 5 Ds were made from 1998 to 2000. The 2WS was built in high quantities as compared to the other models of the 3406E. This 14.6-liter engine was the most accepted by the population. The features of the 3406e 2WS Cat engine for sale suggest that it is made for off-highway use and medium range.



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