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2012 Honda Civic Alternator

Item grade: Original equipment manufacturing standard
Type: serpentine belt
Voltage: 12 volt
Pulleys included: 1
Pulley groove quantity: 6
Case material: aluminum
External fan included: no
Fan Type: Internal
Regulator Type: Internal
Rotation Direction: Clockwise

SKU: WO4Y8 Category: Alternator


Features and characteristics 2012 honda civic alternator:


2012 HONDA CIVIC ALTERNATOR has to collect the mechanical energy which is produced due to the movement of the rotor and serpentine belt. This energy cannot be used directly therefore it is converted and stored in the battery first and then supplied to various parts that run on the battery. AC current is converted to DC current at first.


A great cooling system is a must for the device to work properly. Many tasks performed at once heats up the device so there is a need to position the device properly so that all the tasks can be performed efficiently which can significantly improve the performance of the vehicle and also make it last longer in the future.


2012 HONDA CIVIC ALTERNATOR gives out a great performance on the road. It increases the power of your vehicle drastically, you can see the difference yourself after applying the product. Also the power and capacity of this device are comparatively more than other local products and it is a full value for money product. It has a precise edge-to-edge cutting and perfect fitting which makes it good for use.


The device is very durable and long-lasting. It is made up of aluminum on the outer surface and the inner components are also made up of strong materials which are very rough and tough and do not get damaged due to rough use or extreme heat conditions even.


The product you purchase must be certified so that the quality is maintained and also there is a trust that all the manufacturing procedures have been followed while making the product. Also, all the basic standards have been adhered to while making the product.


2012 HONDA CIVIC ALTERNATOR comes with good post-sale service also. The company is always ready to assist you after-sales. Therefore if you have any problem or query you can contact the company to solve your problem. There is no issue with that.

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Ans. Honda civic has models- DX, EX, LX, GX, HF. It can fit into all the models of the vehicle accurately. The fitting is perfect edge to edge

Ans. Yes this product is of certified quality.

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