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2011 Hyundai Sonata Headlights

Item part number HL-A50
Manufacturer Part Number HL-A50
OEM Part Number HY2503159, HY2502159, HY2503157, HY2502157.
Position Right, Left
Colour Chrome
Bulb Type Xenon
Manufacturer BRIGHT
Item Weight 10 kg 200 g

SKU: 36XBY Category: Head Lights

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HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY started in 1967 Chung Ju Yung in South Korea is a multinational automobile manufacturer that deals in automobiles, luxury, and commercial vehicles along with auto parts as well. This public company operates worldwide and is a majority stakeholder in company KIA.


HYUNDAI SONATA was a luxury sedan car introduced in 1985. Unfortunately, the variant did not do well so the second generation was introduced 3 years later in 1988 which was a big hit. Over time the design and features of the car were evolved and currently its 8th generation is going on which was introduced in 2019.


  • These lights emit pure white bright light and also the 2011 HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHTS are stylish and have trendy looks. You would see the difference yourself after installing the lights.
  • It supports both low beam and high beam. It is recommended to use high beams in fewer visibility areas like rainy or foggy areas or on highways and use a low beam inside the city. It provides a good amount of visibility at night time also. It is trusted to deliver superior performance in every condition. Visibility is increased drastically.
  • This is a daytime running light that is capable of bearing all extreme weather conditions be it rain, snow or fog. They are brighter than other lights as well.
  • The 2011 HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHTS has a long life span and running time. It has been manufactured using the finest body parts be it the frame or internal parts like tungsten, electrodes, filament, etc. It is way more durable and long-lasting than regular lights.
  • The 2011 HYUNDAI SONATA HEADLIGHTS are ISO certified. Warranty depends on the manufacturer. Some provide a 1-year warranty while some provide more than 1 year.
  • One important point to be remembered is that you must check the Company’s credibility before purchasing this headlight. Most companies are DOT or SAE certified.
  • Battery consumption of these headlights is also pretty less than other lights. Though it is brighter than other lights it still uses less battery than them. 65watt energy is used from the battery saving the electrical power and improving the performance.
  • There is no need to purchase anything extra along with the headlight, all the necessary equipment comes along with the package itself. The headlight has a bit complex installation process. It involves complex wiring so it’s better to seek professional help.


NOTE: Ballast may or may not be necessary to be installed along with the light. You may get the ballast along with the light but it depends on company to company. If you don’t get the ballast you may use the old one or purchase a new one.

  • The headlight is waterproof and dustproof. Most headlights have a problem of fogging up during fog or rainy season, but not with this one. It lasts longer than regular lights and parts like frame, bulb, electrodes, and tungsten are pretty strong and sturdy.

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Ans. These lights have a precise edge to edge fitting. All the measurements have been taken due care of while manufacturing the product.

Ans. The lens and body of light is quite solid and strong. Generally the glass tube gets damaged due to high heat but this glass tube won’t get damaged.

Ans. Both have individual characteristics. If you are a night time driver you may consider buying these halogens as they provide extra increased visibility. LED’s are for regular drivers.

Ans. Companies provide sale for a specific period of time in a year. You may wait for the sale and check the company’s website continuously.

Ans. There is no such provision of information from company’s side on this topic. But the company says that the product is manufactured using strong and solid parts which are better quality than others.


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