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2010 Chevy Silverado Headlights

Item Weight 18.66 pounds
Package Dimensions 19 x 18.5 x 16.5 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 25962804/25962805
OEM Part Number 25962804, 25962805
Position Front Outside
Bulb Type Halogen
Safety Rating DOT and SAT Certified

SKU: V1UY5 Category: Head Lights


2010 Chevy Silverado Headlights is a part of the Chevrolet truck series. It was a waste collector vehicle basically or a passenger vehicle used for the movement of goods. The first truck was introduced in 1998 and currently, the latest version of this series is going on launched in 2019.



  • The gaze and appearance of this headlight are very distinctive and along with that, the headlight is very rough and tough as it is made using German automobile parts and has a 3 coat paint on its exterior to protect it from eroding.
  • These lights have a pretty long life, they are solid and resilient as they have the competence of persisting all thrilling weather situations and the frame is also quite heavy-duty.


  • These lights always provide sufficient lighting to you as well as do not disturb other drivers on road. Be it any climate- rain, snow or fog these lights perform well every time.
  • It has a great light which travels to a wider distance and lengthier distance than other lights. The 2010 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS supports both high beam and low beam and are way better than the normal headlights.
  • On the same time battery consumption is also very less as compared to other lights.


  • The headlight is obtainable in LEDs, xenon, and light bar. You can check out all items before deciding. The headlight is ISO certified. Therefore you do not need to worry about quality.
  • The frame has also been prepared using fine quality German parts and also lens is UV coated which safeguards it from getting spoiled due to the extreme heat of the bulb.
  • It is dustproof and waterproof. The lifespan of the headlight is pretty long because the parts are rock-solid. They have been contrived after following all the customary procedures and keeping in mind all the requirements.


  • The headlight is aimed and intended for accurate fitment and for edge to edge installation and comes already preassembled.
  • You just need to connect the plug of the headlight with that of the car, the procedure is very simple, you will be done in a few minutes.


  • The cabling part of 2010 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS is not that problematic as this light already comes preassembled and you must do basic cabling for installation.
  • Included components are 2 headlights, bulbs, and mandatory adjustments and screws.


  • The energy consumption of headlights is very few than other headlights so you protect a lot of power getting consumed unnecessarily due to headlights. Also, there is another thing to remember that both the headlights work together and only one battery cannot work.
  • Small energy consumption leads to less consumption of energy of vehicle thus refining the performance of the vehicle.

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Ans. The headlight has a UV COATED lens which keeps the light new for a long time. They do not get damaged due to extreme heat of the bulb or they don’t fog up due to bad foggy climate rather bulbs are very efficient. Also the frame is of strong quality.

Ans. DRL is daytime running light. This headlight is also a daytime running light which means that it will provide you adequate lighting on road even during daytime, some hilly areas require lighting even during daytime.

Ans. It is not advised by the company as adding any additional product will void its warranty and also damage the product due to improper irregular voltage.


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