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2008 dodge ram headlights


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Manufacturer Part Number 2LHP-RAM06-TM
Folding No
Bulb Type LED

SKU: 2A4K4 Category: Head Lights


Dodge ram 1500 is a waste collector vehicle launched back in the year 1981, which was the first generation. Right now its 5th generation is continued which was launched in 2019. It was a kind of full-size waste pickup vehicle. Earlier this series was advertised under the name of DODGE itself but later on, after 2010, it was taken over by Chrysler group.

Features of 2008 dodge ram headlights :
  • They provide superior performance and have a significantly longer life than normal bulbs. For instance cameras, lamps and headlights. It is monochrome. It has a UV lens that preserves the light and keeps it new.
  • Energy consumption of 2008 DODGE RAM HEADLIGHTS is also lesser than other lights. Though it is livelier than other lights it still consumes less energy than them. 35watt energy is used from the battery saving the electrical power and refining the performance. It means that collectively 70-watt energy is needed in order to use the headlights.
  • It has a great light which travels to a wider distance and lengthier distance than other lights. The 2008 DODGE RAM HEADLIGHTS supports both high beam and low beam and is way better than the normal headlights. It is directed to use a high beam when you are on the highway or in a low reflectivity area and use a low beam when you are inside the city where there is enough visibility.
  • These lights always provide sufficient lighting to you as well as do not disturb other drivers on road. Be it any climate- rain, snow or fog these lights perform well every time.
  • The headlight is aimed and intended for accurate fitment and for edge to edge installation and comes already preassembled. Moreover, they are an upgrade over your normal headlight. The projector lens offers both a unique aesthetic style and increased visibility, be it in rain or sunshine. The projector headlights are manufactured using the finest German projector components.
  • You just need to connect the plug of the headlight with that of car, the procedure is very simple and you will be done in a few minutes.
  • The frame and lens used in this 2008 DODGE RAM HEADLIGHTS is pretty rough and tough. The frame has been made using the finest quality material which is able to bear all kinds of thrilling climate situations and also the lens which is of satisfactory quality and UV coated so it can bear the thrilling heat discharging from the bulb.
  • 2008 DODGE RAM HEADLIGHTS has a very relaxed installation process. The light comes preassembled so there is no necessity for the execution of complex wiring, you can just plug it and the headlight will be ready for use.
  • There are different companies that offer this headlight so it is up to you which type you want to purchase. Some companies provide a 1-year warranty while some propose more than 1 year. This is not fixed. There are various claims of various companies about operating time and strength so just review the specifications before buying the product.
  • Comprised components are 2 headlights, 2 adapters, and a user guide for your help.

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Ans. Some require ballast while some do not. Also it may or may not be included in the package. Refer to the included components before buying the package. Check all the requirements.

Ans. No you don’t need to purchase anything extra, all components are included. Just keep check of ballast if it is necessary whether it is included or not, rest all is included.

Ans. The installation process is quite simple because the light comes preassembled. However you can always watch the installation videos available on YouTube or get help of a professional. You don’t need to perform complex and difficult wiring process just like other lights, you need to just plug the light with the cable of car and you are all ready to go.


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