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2008 Dodge Charger Headlights

Item Weight 13.72 pounds
Product Dimensions 22.44 x 20.87 x 11.42 inches
Manufacturer Part Number SK-H31
OEM Part Number 57010410AE, 57010411AE, CH2502232, CH2503232
ABPA Partslink Number CH2503232
Position Front
Bulb Type Halogen
Safety Rating DOT Certified

SKU: TF6PF Category: Head Lights


Dodge motor company is a separation of Stellantis motors, established in Michigan, United States.

Dodge charger was announced in 1966 and is continued even today. It manufactures hatchbacks, sedans, and even luxury cars. Right now the seventh generation is going on in the market.

The design of the vehicle has changed over time, there had been a lot of changes in the vehicle body, engine, door, and other features.



The headlights have a quick fitting system. The cabling part is already prepared beforehand by the company and we just have to adjoin the plug of headlight with the car. As a result, you would not be required to perform any difficult wiring work like other headlights. You can look out for many installation videos available on the internet for your help.

NOTE: Ballast may or may not be compulsory to be installed along with the light. Some companies provide a brand new ballast along with the package while some do not, you may continue using the old one if you do not get it. Just refer to the specifications and included components.


The light has been aimed at accurate fitment. The shaping has been done carefully so that we don’t have to face the problem in fitting the light. The light has an outstanding look and exterior appearance. Also 2008 DODGE CHARGER HEADLIGHTS outlooks from the rest of the products present in the market. You will observe a major difference after putting on this headlight.


The 2008 DODGE CHARGER HEADLIGHTS is very resilient due to its top-quality parts. The structure is quite tough and solid as it is made up of aluminum and also the lens is polycarbonate and UV coated therefore it will not get broken due to the extreme heat of the bulb. A three-layer coating has been applied on the body/frame of the light which keeps it safeguarded from rusting. It has been contrived using premium body parts be it frame or inside parts like tungsten, electrodes, filament, etc.


It is a daytime running light, therefore, it is capable of providing sufficient lighting even during the daytime, this is advantageous for individuals residing in high altitude or low visibility regions as they need to keep their lights on even while the daytime. The headlights are livelier than other lights as well. The headlight is water-resistant and dust-resistant. Most headlights have a complaint of getting fogged up during fog or rainy season, but this headlight is good in handling condensation.


The light is ISO certified. Lights have been factory-made after ensuring that all the basic and standard requirements as specified by the authority guidelines are followed. The warranty period rests on company to company, there are numerous companies proposing a 1-year warranty on the item, some propose more than one year. Just have a look at whether the light is certified or not before buying it.


2008 DODGE CHARGER HEADLIGHTS use a reduced amount of power as related to other headlights which protect the electrical energy of your car which then boosts the vehicle’s performance in total.

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Ans. Yes the bulbs are included. Along with that 2 headlights and 2 ballasts are included. It rests on the company you are buying from. Some offer as single piece while some offer both the sides- driver and passenger that means a complete pair.

Ans. It supports both low beam and high beam

Ans. As soon as you place the order and the order gets accepted it takes 30 days for the company to process your order and send it to your registered address.

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