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2006 ford expedition fuel pump


Item Weight – 3.19 pounds
Package Dimensions – 17.9 x 8 x 7.2 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer – No
Manufacturer Part Number – A2443M
OEM Part Number – 5L1Z9H307AA 6L1Z9H307A, E2443M SP2101M, PFS341 P76133M 69184 FG0877
Lift Type – Electric
Voltage – 12 Volts

SKU: 7CG38 Category: Fuel Pump


Let us get into the 2006 ford expedition fuel pump. 2006 ford expedition, one of the classic and appealing cars is known for its reputation and name, however let us not forget or miss out the fuel pump that might not get the credit but is indeed worthy of one. The 2006 ford expedition fuel pump is helps in getting the gas or the fuel through the line to the fuel tank which obviously makes sure that the vehicle does not stop functioning in between.

There are many things and accessories needed for a smooth functioning of a car however not all of them are known entirely by individuals out there and are not given enough credit because they are underrated.  Similarly, fuel pump is one thing that might get overlooked or taken for granted at times yet one can dare not ignore or deny its importance. Fuel pump is a major necessity for any vehicle that ensures the functioning and the livelihood of the vehicle.

Fuel pumps help extract fuel from the fuel tank which then takes it onto the engine and is connected to it as well for various purposes.

However, even though one can easily comprehend how imperative a fuel pump it is still a lingering question that how does it majorly help, the answer to which is pretty simple as it helps increase efficiency to increase the fuel pressure and help with its performance and management.  Thus, pump can also be highlighted as a basic necessity and the driving force of any vehicle.

The 2006 ford expedition fuel pump resides at the centre of the tank and one reach out to it directly through the gas tank. Just as the name suggests the fuel pump is meant to pump the fuel and it is pretty durable and long lasting however there can be times where it might get damaged or encounter with problems which might need urgent fix or looking after. Though, isn’t it a troublesome thought? That how will one deal or cope if this issue arises where one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle is unable to function? It is a major point of concern if in case the instance was to occur as mostly the entire vehicle depends on that and considering how much of a major part it plays in the functioning of the ford expedition but one need not worry too much about it as along with a problem it also comes with a solution.

One can reach out to places after a thorough research to get an affordable replacement or an alternative for their 2006 ford expedition fuel pump. Even though one should remember to their homework in this case and be aware of exactly what they want. After which, they can reach out and get its replacement. The installation of which is pretty simple and convenient so that one need not spend too much time without it or worrying about their car.

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