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Used 2004 ford f150 5.4 triton engine for sale

Brand: Ford
Engine: F150 triton
Condition: used
Cylinders: V8
Engine Size: 5.4 L
Warranty: Up to 2 years
Horsepower: 380 hp
Torque: 450 lb
Compression ratio: 9:3:1
Valve: 8
Cam-type: single overhead cam

SKU: 1O6CT Category: Engine


Description of 2004 Ford F150 5.4 triton engine for sale 

2004 ford f150 5.4 triton engine by ford motors that have proved a fruitful investment, ford vehicles are best known for their age they last longer for this reliability people prefer Ford motors. One of the best automobiles produced by Ford is Ford F150 no doubt which will start longer than it was produced in 1975. In case you have traveled a bit longer with this potent truck and want to regain its power, then choose to replace the triton engine that would enhance the potential of the F150.

We have come up with the best deals on the 2004 Ford f150 triton V8 engine. If you own a ford f-150 and have become obsessed with its smoother functioning but unfortunately, the parts of the car have begun troubling you. Then you can go with the replacement of the triton engine, which is used in a ford automobile instead of switching to another vehicle.

The best-selling used triton 5.4 engine for sale of 2004 Ford f-150. The engine is in used condition with two years of warranty. This engine has a mileage of 140k, 2004 F150 5.4 engine is efficient in carrying heavy payload and applies in ford sports vehicles and heavy-duty ford vehicles. This triton engine is installed with a V8 engine from ford motors. We are here to provide you with the best quality triton engine that would result in durability.

Features of 2004 Ford F150 5.4 triton engine

Triton engines by ford motors were the cornerstone production of the company these engines were first produced in 1970 and lasted till 2014 after 2014 the production of triton engines has lapsed and it has almost been 8 years. As most of the parts of the engine do not fall in large block engine so 5.4 liters triton engine is categorized as a small block engine. 2004 Ford F150 5.4 engine has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs and the maximum payload capacity is 1400 lbs.

The replacement of the ford engine in the F-150 truck is a professional taskThe cost of replacement depends on other factors too like where you go for replacement; it also includes the cost of additional parts and labor charges.

Triton is a descriptive term used by ford to describe their particular special engines. Ford used its triton engines in heavy-load ford vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. Next, F150 5.4 liters Triton is a V8 engine type; this type of engine was first produced in 1904; in V8 ‘8’ denotes 8 cylinder engine which is organized into two sections consisting 4 piston engines each. Now, ‘V’ in V8 stands for formation these pistons are arranged in a V configuration. V8 as compared with other V series produces more power that could accelerate the car and trucks faster than usual. V8 engines have increased fuel efficiency resulting in the longevity of ford vehicles.

History of 2004 Ford F150 5.4 triton engine

The journey of the introduction of Ford F150 trucks commenced in 1948, first introduced in the United States. Ford’s pioneer truck was built in 1917 and was named the Ford Model TT; this truck had more advanced and unimaginable features as compared with competitors in that era. Ford was unstoppable and kept unveiling thrilling machines with outstanding performances. Back from 1948-1952 called the First Generation, Ford gain frenzied popularity after the First World War Henry Ford began generating those trucks which would assist veterans and troops during the post-war era. During Second Generation from 1953, till 1956 F-series underwent significant changes and updates to its parts, new engines were installed with a roomier interior, and in addition, options like armrests, and radio emerged. Ford during its third Generation from 1957-1960 focused on truck bodywork and modernized the exterior. With time by tackling the obstacles and cheering the triumph finally in 1975 Ford finally led out one of the most appreciating, reliable, durable, and efficient inventions that is F-150 which become the best-selling truck in history. The diesel power engine got its first debut in 1983. In between 10th Generation (1997-2003), the existing 4.9L inline 6 was started getting replaced with the V6 engine. 1997-2010 was the period when 5.4 liters Triton engines began producing by Ford motors and were used in Ford F-150 these engines proved as reliable; with 250hp –500 horsepower and 330-500 torque work efficiently that brought top Ward’s Awards to 5.4L V8 triton engine.


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