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2002-2006 Mini Cooper Transmission

Specification :-

  • Part: A701001
  • SKU: 336306
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
  • Item Grade: OEM Standard
  • Product Condition: Remanufactured
SKU: Q994B Category: Transmission


People who are looking for some good, slight and cozy car with an economically good car. This Mini Cooper is created by BMW keeping a relatively stylish nostalgic mini car.

The selling of Mini Cooper was started in the year 2002 in Hatchback pattern in the United States till 2006. It was the first era of the Mini Cooper. The first age’s power plant was located in North America. The production of Mini cooper of the first era is given by mutual endeavor with BMW and Chrysler having 1.6l Tritec 4 cylinders that is generated in Brazil.

The Mini Cooper type has 116 horsepower and 110 pounds (ca. 50 kg)-feet of torque. There is a base power model of Cooper if someone is not satisfied with base power, for those there is another modified version of 1.6l tritec engine with enhanced execution due to supercharger named Cooper S.

This Modified engine has a horsepower of 163 and torque of 155 pounds (ca. 70 kg)-feet. This Cooper S has much more advanced styling and has a sportier respite.

There are several variants accessible in Mini Cooper, having little, sporty, and hatchback. Easily interchangeable, Mini Cooper is the best one for you.


The base hatchback models in between 2002-2006 there is a covering code R50. It was equipped with a rear hatchback door and side doors. This has commonly aspirated CVT automatic transmission or 5-speed manual.


For the R52 there is no interchangeable model for the 1st generation. This was in between 2005 and 2008.


This one is for Cooper S hatchback in between 2002-2006, R53 Chassis code is for first-generation. It was having the same body technique as R50 has. This is also equipped with supercharged. For an extra appealing glance, the S model has a little different style.


There are lots of transmissions for the first era of Mini Cooper. There were some issues in the mechanical CVT transmission and manual transmission too.

Let’s check some description about the transmission of Mini Cooper :

R50 “base” Cooper

It can be automatic for 2002-2006 CVT. And for manual, 2002-2004 midlands 5 speed.

R53 Mini Cooper S

There should be the mechanical transmission under 2002-2006 Aisin 6 speed Automatic. For the manual 2002-2006 Getrag 6 speed manual.

And 2005-2006 Getrag 6 speed w/LSD (optional).

R52 Mini Cooper S Convertible.

For this R52, transmission can be automatic, 2005-2008 Aisin 6-speed auto.

Manual- 2005-2008, Getrag 6 speed manual, 2005-2008 Getrag 6 speed manual w/LSD (optional).

There are some weak points of Mini Cooper’s of the first generation which could create a problem for you. You must check one before buy.

The points are, CVT automatic transmission, Midlands 5 speed manual transmission, Engine components, Coolant Tank, Body Rust, Power Steering Pump are weak points which could cause failure.

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