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OEM 2000 Chevy Silverado Headlights

SKU: KA7X8 Category: Head Lights


2000 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS is a part of the Chevrolet truck series. It was a cargo pickup vehicle basically or a commercial vehicle used for transportation of goods. First-generation was from 1998 and the latest model of this series was introduced in 2019.

CHEVROLET which was established in 1911 is one of the leading automobile players situated in the United States. They were divided from general motors in 1917 and are operating worldwide. It was led by Louis Chevrolet along with his brother. Till today it has been operating worldwide with a maximum number of sales in the United States along with other countries.


1.) Brightness and lighting:

These lights always provide adequate lighting to you as well as other drivers on road. Be it any climatic condition rain, snow or fog these lights do their job every time. It has a powerful light that spread to a wider distance and also travels a comparatively longer distance than other lights. The 2000 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS supports both high beam and low beam and are way brighter than the normal headlights. On the same time battery consumption is also very less as compared to other lights.

2.) Installation:

The headlight though is designed for precise fitment and it is designed to edge to edge for installation and comes already preassembled. You just need to splice and join the wires of the headlight with that of your vehicle. The process is simple but you may prefer taking professional help.

3.) Frame and body:

The 2000 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS is a headlight assembly available in models like halos, LEDs, xenon and light bar. You can have a look through all the models and variants before purchasing to select your favorite. The frame of this headlight has been prepared using great quality German parts and also the lens is UV coated which protects it from getting damaged due to excessive heat of the bulb.

4.) Heavy-duty:

These lights are pretty long-lasting, sturdy, and durable as they have the capability of surviving extreme weather conditions and the body is also quite strong. The design and looks are pretty good of this headlight and simultaneously the 2000 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS is very durable and sturdy as it is manufactured using German parts and accessories and has a triple layer paint on its surface to protect it from rusting and damaging.

The wiring part of 2000 CHEVY SILVERADO HEADLIGHTS is not that difficult as this light already comes preassembled and you need to do simple wiring for installation. Included components are 2 headlights, bulbs, and required adjustments and screws.

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Ans. Yes, you can customize the light. You can get a new color if you want to customize the looks, get it done from any local garage or from the company.

Ans. Yes the headlight has a UV COATED lens which keeps the light new for a long time. They do not get damaged due to extreme heat of the bulb or they don’t fog up due to bad foggy climate rather bulbs are very efficient.

Ans. It is possible to install it. You just need to so some simple wiring and you are good to go

Ans. DRL is daytime running light. This headlight is also a daytime running light which means that it will provide you adequate lighting on road even during daytime, some hilly areas require lighting even during daytime.

Ans. Yes these lights are completely street legal. They are manufactured keeping in mind all the required basic standards.


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