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1999 Ford Ranger 4×4 Transmission for Sale

  • Speed 8
  • Cluches & Brakes (open) 5(2)
  • Gear Ratio – 489-0.64
  • Overall Ration – 7.65
  • Reverse Ratio – 4.25
  • Torque 1,000 lb-ft
  • Weight – 328 lbs
  • Length – 29.7 in
  • Oil Capacity – 29.6 pint
  • GCWR – 57,000 lbs
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Ford Ranger is known for its great pickups and it was also in a demand for long. Ford ranger has a great execution on the expressway, the smooth passage provides a great quality of driving. 1999 Ford Ranger 4×4 Transmission is durable and long-lasting the transmission consists of the torque converter, transmission case, and internal shift levers. This manual transmission is 4×4 -6-183(3.0L). Ford 1999 is known for its great quality.

Some best manual transmission of ford ranger 1999 are:

Pro-King Manual Transmission of part no. M5R1-EA. This is featured with its dynamometer tested and its departments are not featured with snifters and not connected to the bell housing. It will cost around $1983.99.

Premium Drive Train- Manual Transmission Assembly having part no. TM5R125. Here, all transmission is clean, and not assembled. Here, the gaskets and seals are changed.

Ford Ranger Automatic Transmission is like:

Dorman-OE Solutions — Transfer Case Shift Motor, having part no. 600-931. This will cost you around $234.99.

Another one we see a National Bearings having part no. 5707. It also has a good rating and reviews of 4.5 stars. This will cost you around $21.49

This Ford ranger marketed in America, especially by North and South America in the name of Ranger tags. Ford Ranger debuted in the initial 1983.  Presently ford’s fourth era is running.

In the year 1999, Ford ranger come up with the first battery-electric transport. It was developed in North America. This 1999 Ford ranger is equipped with lead-acid batteries, Nickel-metal hydride is debuted in 1999. This Ford Ranger has an E V with a rear whirl drive along with a rear-mounted driveline also having a frame of 4×4.

The Ford Ranger — Automatic Transmission; having a 4×4 frame with 6 cylinders has 117 miles (ca. 188 km) capacity. Its sub-models are Base, Edge. It has 3.0L and 5R44E. This transmission will cost you around $1001.

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[faq]Q 1. Can you tell the cost of transmissions for a Ford Ranger 1999?|=|Ans. The cost of Transmission for 1999 will be around $0.99 to $2,001.99, This range of cost is for 584 transmissions & drivetrain products.|SEP|Q 2. Can you tell the price of refurbished Ford Ranger Transmission?|=|Ans. As the expert says the price for a refurbished transmission will be around $1800 to $3500. Whereas a used junkyard transmission will cost you around $800 to $1500.|SEP|Q 3. Is it possible to remove a transmission from a Ford Ranger easily?|=|Ans. You can remove transmission from a Ford ranger by took apart the shift rods from sides and eliminate pins to remove the transmission. Remove the bolt, and then by giving support to the transmission and then eliminate the four transmissions to bell housing bolts.|SEP|Q 4. Can you tell the term of vehicles having 5R55E Transmission?|=|Ans. There is a list of models having 5R5EE are 1997 Ford Aerostar, 1997-2011 Ford Ranger, 1998-2010 Mercury Mountaineer, 2000-2003 Jaguar S-type., and also in the model of 2000-2006 Lincoln LS, 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird. |SEP|Q 5. What will be the less cheap replacing or rebuilding transmission?|=|Ans. If you opt to rebuild your transmission then it would cost less like a comparison to replacing. Even in the rebuilding, you can get gaskets and seals as new.|SEP|Q 6. Can you define some symptoms that transmission is not very good quality?|=|Ans. You can check your transmission by slight signs like having leaking fluid, burning smell when the transmission is creating sounds. The late response of parts, there can be jerking and shaking, sometimes gear is not working.[/faq]


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