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1998-2003 Honda accord manual transmission

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In the series of manual transmission Honda is also a name in the list. Honda Accord was an important part of this sedan group for the last five decades. It was a rebellious trend in the commerce of cars. The Honda Accord debuted in 1997. The starting of this Honda accord with 68 horsepower, 1.6-litre CV CC engine, along with the two-door hatchback. It came in late 1976 and it was the first generation of Accord.

Accord was running smoothly with modifications in different year’s like 1977 as it was in the 4th rank of selling and importing the brand in America.

Honda came with fully automatic ample transmission in the year 1980, it had a power window for the first time in their model.  Honda Accord had its second generation started in 1982.

In the year 1998, the Honda Accord appeared with its changed and newer specifications. This time sedan has much more appealing looks with more ample space.

Honda Accord, The coupe was a distinct car having a setup like much around sporty cars.

CR-V came in place of the wagon. Honda Accord had the four-cylinder engine of 2.3 litres and it elicited 135 or 140 hp. This V-6 came with modifications and in a fresh style having 200 hp, 3.0 litre which overcomes the issues of the old version.

Honda Accord again arrived with a more appealing look or in a modern version in the year 2001 model year.

And Honda Accord had its new start with its seventh generation in the year 2003, this accord was bigger which is not at all similar to those cars which are available in Japan and Europe. After enhancement, this seventh-generation Honda Accord was much more powerful and strong features as well as it had more space inside the car itself. This Honda Accord came with 160-hp and cylinder was four-cylinder of 2.4 litres. And 240 hp 3.0 litre V-6. This car coupe has different style metal sheet and V-6 came with manual transmission.

After there were a lot of modifications done in Honda Accord manual transmission in the year 2005, 2006 and even 2008.

Honda Accord had its right generation too in the year 2008.

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